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  Jedox License Sales

If you are planning to purchase Jedox software, call us to discuss your licensing needs. It can be challenging understanding the many options and points of consideration:

  • Purchase, Subscription or Cloud?
  • Starter, Business, Premium or Enterprise Edition?
  • Full, Planner, Viewer or Mixed Licenses?
  • Models?
  • GPU Accelerator?
  • Qlik, Tableau, SAP, Salesforce, XMLA/ODBC Connector?
  • Developer  and/or Non-Production License?
  • Are Concurrent User Licenses Still Available?

We can quickly assess your needs with a few simple questions and then explain your different licensing options to you. We keep things straight-forward and separate facts from fluff. We will understand your requirements and help you get the license you need, without buying options you don't. And because we are a Jedox Platinum Reseller, we know that when it comes to pricing we cannot be undersold... guaranteed.


  Quick Start Bundle

If you'd like to move forward quickly, but want to demonstrate proven value and benefits to your organization before committing to a larger software purchase, we recommend our special "Quick Start" bundle. This bundle combines 30 days free-of-charge licensing, with a proven approach to demonstrating business value to your organization in a few short days. We'll provide a requirements assessment, a workshop, and a few days of consulting that will show you the full benefits of the Jedox platform using your data, spreadsheets and corporate source systems. At the completion of the work, you'll have a working prototype solution (often near production ready), a summary document with suggested next steps, and the option to purchase licensing at preferred pricing.


  Do It Yourself Bundle

If you like doing things yourself and at your own speed, and think all you need is a little help to get going and occasional support along the way, we have a specially-priced "Do It Yourself" bundle. This bundle combines Jedox licensing and software support, with some remote training and post-training consulting support.


  Jedox Promotions

From time-to-time, Jedox offers regional partners special promotional programs and pricing to extend to our customers and assist in market expansion (e.g. "Loonie @ Par" promotion, "Mega-Vendor Swap" promotion, and "Palo Legacy Upgrade" promotion). Call us today to find out what special promotions and pricing may currently be available.