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Jedox AG is based in Freiburg Germany and is one of the world's leading suppliers of write-back MOLAP-based Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management technology. The core Jedox product, Jedox, accommodates the entire range of BI requirements including planning, reporting and analysis, and allows all BI processes to be performed in the web browser environment. In addition to handling reporting and planning forms online, users can also import data, design and model cubes and reports via the web as well as from within their preferred spreadsheet environment. More than 500 organizations around the world have implemented Jedox solutions. Jedox was founded by Kristian Raue in 2002. The company employs 100 people.

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3AG Systems was founded in 2007 to provide businesses a full range of management consulting, analytics and system integration services. Obsessed with continuous improvement, 3AG Systems helps clients grow their businesses through process improvement, automation, business intelligence and mobility.

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Celcus B.V.

Celcus, based in the Netherlands, is a specialized consultancy company that helps companies and non-profit organizations meet their information challenges. We help to design, build and maintain applications to meet the needs for intelligence and steering within an organization and secure self-proficiency in the business by leveraging in-house capabilities in the area of business intelligence and performance management. Celcus stands out through the accessibility of all the solutions we provide for our customers. Our solutions are accessible in terms of price, speed of implementation and ease of maintenance. We offer high quality for a reasonable price. Some of our consultants have over 15 years of experience in the field of requirements analysis, BI/PM tooling, implementation, project management, change management and training. We operate internationally.

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Mazepoint is based in London, England and helps companies and public bodies use analysis to guide and validate their drive for efficiency, growth and change. Working with financial, statistical and market data they apply the best design principles to structure and communicate the resulting information in an appealing and readily accessible way. In addition to historical and current status analysis and reporting, they have developed comprehensive planning, budgeting and forecasting tools to help steer strategy and tactics. They are certified in a number of business and technology disciplines, including Jedox for Excel and the Jedox Suite by Jedox.

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Tremar Computer Solutions is based in Cochrane, Alberta and is the GRID Dynamics hardare and infrastucture provider of choice for Calgary and the surrounding area.

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Jedox for AWS is an easy and affordable way to access powerful yet user-friendly features for successful business intelligence and performance management in the cloud. The solution is purpose-built for Amazon Web Services and allows you to quickly and easily start your BI- & PM-applications in a cloud environment: in under 10 minutes you can be reporting on and analyzing your data and even create complex planning scenarios. Purchase your license from GRID Dynamics and be up and running in minutes with Amazon Web Services.

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Tecskor is a management consulting organization focused on ALIGNMENT, which they believe to be the best way to achieve results and improve employee morale. Through a proven approach, Tecskor helps get everyone in the organization to understand corporate goals and the strategies necessary to achieve those goals. Every employee knows exactly how they contribute as an individual to the corporate goals. And using ALIGNMENT technology called PEAK, Tecskor helps clients navigate through the strategic planning process and provides them with tools to successfully deliver their goals..

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