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Upcoming Events

CPA Pacific Summit

May 17 to 19, 2017
Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver, BC Canada


Workshop: IBCS® with SUCCESS

June 12, 2017
3AG Systems
Burnaby, BC Canada


Training: Jedox for Excel Power Users and BI/CPM Pros

June 13 to 15, 2017
3AG Systems
Burnaby, BC Canada


IBCS® Seminar: What Musicians can Teach Data Analysts & Report Designers

June 14, 2017
SAP Canada
Vancouver, BC Canada


Project World * Business Analyst World

Oct 30 to Nov 2, 2017
Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver, BC Canada


"After years of frustrating efforts to gather, combine and report financial data from many traditional databases, GRID Dynamics entered the picture, and using the Jedox Suite they transformed our budgeting and reporting processes from manual, labour-intensive, spreadsheet-based activities, to a fully automated process. I highly recommend GRID Dynamics to anyone looking for quick, cost-effective solutions to their data management, analysis and reporting problems."

Jim Gordon
Supervisor, Abandonment, Reclamation and Remediation
Talisman Energy Inc.

  Sound Familiar?

Regardless of size or industry, almost 90% of organizations still leverage Excel as the foundation of their planning, budgeting, forecasting and analytics processes. Whether you love spreadsheets, or hate them, the fact is they are tightly engrained into most of today's corporate business processes. Despite the many benefits of spreadsheets, a spreadsheet-only process to budgeting, planning and analytics introduces many challenges:


  But is Replacing Spreadsheets the Answer?

Millions of business people struggle daily with the same challenges you do. And to address your challenges, well-meaning "experts" propose solutions that require you to throw away your trusted, familiar spreadsheets, park your years of Excel experience on the shelf, and learn to work in complex, expensive and inflexible mega-vendor systems. Success is rare, failures are expensive, and over time, spreadsheet-based processes resurface throughout the organization. Is replacing the spreadsheet really the answer? Would you throw your baby out with the bath water?


  The Best of Both Worlds

At GRID Dynamics, our approach has been different from the start. Our motto is "embrace your spreadsheets". Leverage their benefits, your skills, and the corporate IP that has been built up in them over years. Instead of replacing your spreadsheets, use an approach that leaves spreadsheet advantages intact, and addresses their short-comings. Instead of eliminating spreadsheets completely, add next-generation technology to address the challenges. Introduce a solution that adds:


  We Can Help

Our presales team is ready to show you how to leverage your own spreadsheet skills, together with Jedox technology, to transform your existing corporate spreadsheets into full enterprise applications. See how to get superior results yourself, in days and weeks, leveraging your own spreadsheet skills and IP (or ours). Before embarking on an expensive implementation of a traditional mega-vendor system, call GRID Dynamics to learn how you can address your needs in a more effective way, by yourself, with as little or as much assistance from us as you desire.